Wicked man accused of murdering his fiancee at Seaford campsite stopped CPR in seconds, court found



Sarah Clayton was found dead at Seaford campsite

Sarah Clayton was found dead at Seaford campsite

During a heartbreaking call to 999 played at Lewes Crown Court during his trial, an emergency operator attempted to speak to Christopher Cole about instructions on how to perform CPR.

Mr Cole, of Clun Road, Wick, who already had resuscitation training, agreed he had stopped in seconds.

“I had stopped, I couldn’t do it physically. I did my best, ”said Cole.

Duncan Atkinson QC for the Crown described Mr. Cole as controlling and told the jury on Thursday that Sarah Clayton, 21, had been suffocated by him in a fit of anger.

He stopped resuscitation knowing it was unnecessary, Mr Atkinson said.

Other campers found him in distress 43 seconds after he called 999.

“You were stressed because you knew what you had done. You bitterly regretted it, ”Mr. Atkinson said.

The 31-year-old said: “I did what I thought was best at the time and I don’t regret it.”

He denies having murdered Sarah Clayton in May 2018.

Mr. Atkinson told him, “You knew what you had done. You knew when you did it.

“You knew there was no point in trying CPR.

“You knew you killed her and that’s what you wanted to do.”

Mr Cole said: “No, you are wrong.”

Sarah Clayton was found dead in the tent at Buckle Holiday Park near Seaford.

Mr Cole said he was frantic after returning to the tent to find it cold and unresponsive.

Mr Cole, who worked as a cleaner at Sussex police stations, told the court the couple had an argument after returning to find their tent waterlogged.

Other campers described hearing choking noises coming from their tent during the night.

A woman who slept in the next tent said she heard a man say, “If you don’t shut up, I’ll shut you up.

Other campers reported hearing choking, hoarse breathing, the court said.

“What did you use to suffocate it,” Mr. Atkinson asked.

Mr Cole said: “I never used anything at all, never choked on it.

“I don’t know how she died.

Mr Cole said he was frantic and emotional when paramedics arrived on Sunday morning.

“That night, after those noises, you were heard crying,” Mr. Atkinson said. “Is it because you achieved what you had done?” “

“It wasn’t until the next morning.

“At night, certainly not. “

Mr Cole told Lewes Crown Court her family took Ms Clayton while she was using drugs and living in a tent.

He said she was given strict rules to stay away from drugs or else she would be thrown out of her parents’ house in Littlehampton.

Mr Cole said they had been in a relationship for more than five months before his death and were planning to tie the knot.

Mr. Cole denies his murder.



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