Why MaxPass should replace the entire Disney FastPass system


The problem with Walt Disney World is the capacity. What most people don’t realize is that WDW’s four parks combined have roughly the same number of experiences as DL and California Adventure.

Disney attempted to use FP + as a method to avoid building their Florida parks and attractions to the level needed to handle the growth they were seeking.

You can’t keep adding resort rooms and vacation club rooms and marketing to get more and more people to your parks and not increase attraction capacity without raising expectations.

It was a choice they made to maximize profits on customer satisfaction and now everyone is fighting for what’s right for local, national and international customers instead of finding out what the real problem is and who created it.

They are about 20 years behind where they should be to handle the crowds they are happy to welcome with skyrocketing prices for anything they can think of to charge and they have the daring to suggest that some price increases (like variable admission prices) are “necessary” to handle crowds when paying the most for the days when you are most miserable in parks with the least amount of money. opportunities to do things.

The reality of vacation planning and how those prices can fluctuate over the course of a week mean that most people don’t have the option of only visiting on “cheap” days and Disney understands that perfectly.

How stupid do you have to be to believe that programs like this have any other purpose than to extract more money from their guests?

Recent work on additions is starting to address capacity but not quite close enough, especially with the average duration of attractions getting shorter and shorter.

Despite all of this, people can’t seem to get their money back to Disney fast enough or promote programs (like this article) that would allow Disney to charge even more for less and less.


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