What is a Gold IRA? Here are 5 companies that can help you grow your portfolio


We are living in uncertain economic times. In October alone, consumer price inflation (CPI) hit 6.2% – the fastest rate of inflation in 31 years. This reduces the value of any money we put in an IRA or savings account.

The harder we work, the more we can save and the better our retirement. That’s what people say, isn’t it?

What if you let certain assets do the work for you?

With a special type of self-directed IRA called a Gold IRA, you can aim for a stress-free retirement by protecting yourself against inflation and market uncertainties, while doing your best to protect your savings against conventional stock market crashes.

A gold IRA allows you to invest in real physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. It means chunky bars or mint coins. Retired investors say you can’t beat that feeling of having wealth locked in physical precious metals. And that assurance is backed by data.

Gold, for example, has been steadily rising in value for decades. Gold is considered a safe haven when inflation rises or when things go wrong with the general economy. When financial markets were barely recovering from the Covid crisis last year, for example, the price of gold hit a record high of over $ 2,000 an ounce.

What are the 4 things I should do with a Gold IRA?

  1. You have to master the paperwork. These are taxes, so you have to dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s”.

  2. You must appoint an IRS approved “custodian” to handle 1. above.

  3. You have to buy the right kind of precious metal. You need to achieve the right level of purity, depending on the metal and whether it is stored as ingots or coins.

  4. You must store your gold in a special IRS approved depository.

What is the Best Type of Gold IRA Company?

The easiest way to set up and manage a Gold IRA is to appoint a company that offers an all-in-one service.

Of course, you need to choose a “custodian” company that handles the paperwork; this is the big requirement of the IRS. But luckily, some companies will act as custodians and take care of the other two issues: finding the right kind of precious metals and storing them for you in an IRS-approved safe. You can buy your own gold and organize your own storage, but it can involve a lot of phone calls trying to get different companies to work together.

Below, we take a look at 5 big names in the precious metals world: Regal Assets, JM Bullion, Kitco, APMEX, and Goldsilver.com.

Top Gold IRA Companies: Summary

Best All-in-One Gold IRA Provider: Royal assets

Ideal for market news: Kitco

Ideal for choosing IRS and non-IRS ingots: JM Bullion / APMEX / Goldsilver.com

Ideal for an easy website: Regal Assets / Goldsilver.com / APMEX

Of the companies we reviewed, we have no hesitation in recommending Regal Assets. For a lump sum of $ 250 per year with no hidden costs, Regal Assets takes care of everything for you:

  • Configure your Gold IRA.

  • You can only choose bullion that is IRS approved (so you don’t go wrong and buy bullion that the IRS won’t accept).

  • Organizes storage in an IRS approved safe.

# 1 Regal Assets – Best Global Gold IRA Provider

Phone: 1-877-205-1104

Locations: Los Angeles (CA), Waco (TX), Toronto (Canada) and Dubai (UAE)

‘Logo Regal Assets from www.regalassets.com’

Phone: 1-877-205-1104

Founded in 2009, Regal Assets was named a member of the Forbes Financial Board in 2018 and is an Inc 500 company. The firm has celebrities as clients: NBA player Karl Anthony Towns JR, actor Jordyn Wood and Hollywood producer Rob Weiss. The company has drawn more than 1,500 five-star reviews on Birdeye.

Experts at GoldIRAguide.org claim that Regal Assets is “North America’s premier gold and retirement investment company” as well as “an international phenomenon in alternative asset management.”

Regal Assets is different from a traditional trader in precious metals. The company only offers IRS-approved bullion, so you can’t go wrong with your gold IRA. In addition, Regal Assets is authorized to act as your gold IRA’s custodian, provides a wide selection of bullion AND arranges IRS approved storage of your precious metal transport. With this business, you don’t have to race – Regal Assets will do it all for you.

A specialty of Regal Assets are IRA rollovers. An IRA rollover occurs when you convert an existing IRA or 401k to a special precious metals IRA. 95% of business activity comes from designing this process, and the service is free. Investopedia.com awarded Regal Assets the title of “Best Gold IRA Company for IRA Rollovers” in 2021.

Have you ever heard of a cryptocurrency IRA? Regal Assets was the first company in the Precious Metals IRA industry to also offer crypto hedging. This means that you can invest in 22 different crypto coins (and count) as well as stock up on precious metals. You choose what to mix and match. Or Six Regal Assets Portfolios allow you to choose a ready-made mix of investments to suit your budget.

Tyler Gallagher, Founder and CEO of Regal Assets, explains, “It can be confusing to navigate all the IRS rules and regulations when it comes to owning alternative assets as part of a retirement account. We have developed a process involving multiple accredited partners in which we manage everything on behalf of the client, from working with their existing IRA or 401k custodian to storing their assets in a secure and accredited custodian. ‘

# 2 JM Bullion – Fast growing precious metals trader in the United States

‘JM Bullion logo from www.jmbullion.com’

Phone: 1-800-276-6508

Founded in 2011, JM Bullion has been doing good business ever since. The company ships over 60,000 bullion orders per month to customers’ homes, with free shipping on orders over $ 199. With more than 300,000 customer reviews on its website, the firm obtained an overall satisfaction rating of 4.8 / 5.

What is really useful about the JM Bullion site is that the Precious Metals for your IRA have their own clearly marked section. This means that you cannot buy bullion that the IRS will not accept for your IRA.

As a specialty bullion retailer, JM Bullion works with partners to provide IRA (New Direction) custody and IRS approved storage (TDSVaults).

# 3 Kitco – Great for Market News

“Kitco logo from www.online.kitco.com”

Phone: 1-877-775-4826

Founded in 1977, Kitco prides itself on 45 years of successful bullion trading and a deserved reputation as the best source of information on the gold and commodities market. Kitco’s online news center is packed with real-time pricing information, top media feeds, interactive charts and feature articles. If you want to educate yourself on gold, Kitco is the place for you.

Kitco CFO Nizar Tabet said, “We want to offer the best price and are very transparent in our pricing. We want to show customers exactly what they are paying for, which is why on our website we provide information services and live market pricing. ‘

With a focus on Canada, Kitco offers IRA Gold Custody through a range of partners. IRS-approved precious metal storage can then be made available through one of these custodians.

# 4 APMEX – Best gasket for IRS and non-IRS bullion selection

“Apmex logo from www.apmex.com”

Phone: 1-800-375-9006

Founded in 2000 in Oklahoma City, the American Precious Metals Exchange has been doing business online for 17 years. The company’s bullion selection (both bullion and coin) is huge and the website is very easy to use.

IRA approved bars and parts have their own section on the website. If you want to store your IRA, don’t stray away from APMEX’s giant display case of rare coins (as tempting as it is). Rare coins are considered by the IRS to be “collectors’ items” and therefore are not permitted in a Precious Metals IRA.

APMEX can provide custody of the IRA through business partners. Storage can also be arranged through the IRS approved vendor, Brinks.

# 5 GoldSilver.com – Best Spouse for IRS and Non-IRS Bullion Choice

GoldSilver logo from www.goldsilver.com ‘

Phone: 1-888-319-8166

Founded in 2005, Goldsilver.com is another mainstay of online gold. The company, run by YouTube Precious Metals Celebrity Mike Maloney, offers a huge selection of bullion backed by an information-rich and easy-to-use website.

Usefully for IRA investors, Goldsilver.com eschews “numismatics” (rare coins) that the IRS does not approve for IRAs.

Goldsilver.com President Alex Daley said, “We don’t carry collectibles and other high margin or subjective products that you will find at far too many gold retailers. Instead, we focus on highly recognized, low premium, and widely traded bullion coins and bullion.

The company works with a number of IRA custodian partners and promises a straightforward process for coordinating the purchase and storage of bullion (via IRS-approved Brinks) with the establishment of a gold IRA.


Best All-in-One Gold IRA Provider: Regal Assets

Gold IRAs make a lot of sense for retirement planning. You wouldn’t want to put all your savings in gold (any more than you would with any other asset class). But you can have as many moving IRAs as you want. The value of gold in particular is known to be inversely correlated with the stock market. This means that the price of gold tends to rise when the stock markets fall. This is a great feature to have in a diversified retirement portfolio.


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