United aren’t throwing in the towel for De Jong and hope to sign him next week


The ‘novel’ of Frenkie de Jong and FC Barcelona adds a new chapter. Although the Dutchman’s posture goes through continuing his sports career in the Spotify Camp Nou, seems that in the bosom of Manchester United’s confidence fully that the club will close its traspaso before the summer market closes.

Thus the newspaper ‘Telegraaf’ of the Netherlands has revealed it, the one who assures that the English will make an offensive to hire at the mediocentro next week. In fact, the ‘network devils’ would see it as entirely possible to reach an agreement despite Chelsea being the ones who have made the most offers in recent days. Contacts with the ’21’ have not ceased and it seems that he would never have given them a “no” for an answer.

To this information is added that of the British newspaper ‘The Athletic’, which affirms that although at Old Trafford taking for granted the signing of Adrien Rabiot, most of the budget will be allocated to bring Frenkie’s move to fruition. Coach Erik a Hag asked for the directive to raise the offer to the player and also had to have a one-on-one with him to convince him and give him a final point on the matter.

In Manchester, they think the best offer will get it and the interest from the ‘blues’ has gradually waned because they have a striker as a priority. Between the goals of Thomas Tuchel goes Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and the own Barça recognizes italthough any movement of the Gabonese is always on ‘stand by’.

time is running out

The Barcelona native will have time to work in the ‘De Jong case’ once the registrations of all his players have been completed. The sports management is indignant with his entourage because they refuse to open a negotiation and to plead a salary discount. It is clear that he will have to accept a reduction of almost 50% of his emolumentos or the culés will ask him out. Time is running out and the situation is becoming more tense each time, although the supply from the United States could end up approaching all positions a few days before the market closes.


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