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Photo by Fritz Busch The Scott Louwagie family of Lyon County participate in the 2021 Farm Family Recognition Program at Farmfest Thursday. In the front row, from left to right, Cassie, Melissa, Alice, Addie and Blake Louwagie. In the back row, from left to right, Zach, Peter, Scott and Janelle Louwagie.

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GILFILLAN ESTATE – The Scott Louwagie family of Cottonwood has been named Lyon County “Farmer family of the year 2021” by the University of Minnesota.

Oscar Gerard Louwagie immigrated from Belgium in 1948. After working for his uncle Hector Louwagie, Oscar returned to Belgium, married Alice Leeman and returned to the United States to farm near Green Valley.

The couple moved to the current site of the farm in Lyon County in 1968, where the family maintained a diverse operation of dairy cows, pigs, chickens, corn and alfalfa.

In 1993, Oscar and Alice’s sons, Peter and Scott, began operating the farm after their father died. Scott and his wife Janelle have two children, Blake and Adeline.

The current farm includes a 90-cow Class A dairy, all young heifers and young bulls, as well as a 350 head market steer containment operation. The Louwagies also grow corn, soybeans and alfalfa on 675 acres.

Scott watches over the cows. He takes care of all the milking and shares some of the other tasks with Peter. Scott and Adeline take care of the calves from birth to weaning. Scott and Blake take care of the feed once the calves have left their hutches and the heifers are of reproductive age and the steers are ready to finish.

Peter and his son, Zack, take care of loading the mixer car and feeding the older animals. Peter’s wife, Melissa, takes care of the farm’s financial records. The work in the field is distributed among all members of the family.

Janelle is a pharmacist at Hy-Vee Pharmacy in Marshall. She was a 4-H club manager and was dairy superintendent of the Lyon County Fair and a member of the 4-H breeding committee.

She also gives CCD courses in the Catholic churches of Sainte-Clotilde and Sainte-Marie.

Blake and Adeline have been involved with the Swan Lake 4-H Club for many years.

They both exhibit projects and their horses and dairy cattle at the County Fair and Minnesota State Fair.

Blake and Adeline are members of the American Guernsey Association and have exhibited at the World Dairy Expo. Both are very involved in a variety of activities at school, and through their participation in the National Pony of the Americas organizations, they have shown horses all over the Midwest.

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