Superman: iconic DC location destroyed


One of the most iconic places in Superman’s life has just been targeted – and Future State has hinted that it may be gone for good.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Superman: Son of Kal-El # 3, on sale now

One of the consequences of Clark Kent revealing his identity as Superman to the world at large meant putting a giant target on the backs of himself and those close to him. While his presence prevented anyone from trying to pull that trigger, it appears his long absence from Earth will finally allow someone to shoot the Man of Steel and his loved ones. But the craziest thing is, it’s not even his fault.

Instead, Henry Bendix takes aim at Jon Kent – the new Superman – in Superman: Son of Kal-El # 3 by Tom Taylor, John Timms, Gabe Eltaeb and Dave Sharpe, and the attack may have already cost the Kent their famous farm. To make matters worse, this matches the events of Future state – hinting that this development could be for good.

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Superman Kent Farm destroyed

Jon Kent recently worked alongside his father, trying to prepare for the day he will be forced to take over from Superman in his father’s abscene. Along the way, Jon increasingly enraged Henry Bendix – a super-scientist who currently controls the nation of Gamorra. He has saved a number of the nation’s refugees and has increasingly devoted himself to their well-being – even denouncing Bendix’s claims that his nation is a heaven on Earth. Although Jon’s natural invulnerability and father make him largely untouchable, Bendix still decides to make his point once Superman is forced to leave Earth for another mission.

Picking up on one of her experiments – a young woman named Faultline whose personal density is comparable to a fraction of a neutron star – Bendix decides to use her as a living weapon. Her agents hover over her over the Kent family in Smallville, then simply push her off the plane. Activating her powers as she falls, Faultline has no choice but to crash into Kent’s farm with sufficient force to cause an explosion – wiping out the farm in a single instant. It’s a potentially fatal attack, as it would likely be more than enough to kill Martha and Jon Kent if they were indeed caught in the blast. But regardless, it turned out that the Kent family home had just been wiped off the map in the most brutal way possible.

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Faultline Son of Superman

All this in fact suggests that the Future state-The fate of Kent Farm at the time could in fact be the canonical fate of the family home. Future State: Superman – Worlds of War # 2 focused in part on Sadie, a Metropolis-born Superman fan who comes to Smallville to visit where her hero became the man he is today. In this possible future, Smallville has become a tourist trap, full of memories and historical connections to the history of the Man of Steel. Sadie ends up parting with everyone else to wander through a seemingly vacant field – actually the original site of Kent Farm. After a cyber villain attacked and destroyed the farm, the site was hidden from the public. Instead, a recreation elsewhere in town became the Kent Farm and the presumed site of the Kent family, while the other remained forgotten.

It was a bittersweet final fate for Kent Farm, and now it looks like Superman’s actions have set a target for him far sooner than anyone might have expected. As an opening salvo against Jon Kent right after his official tenure as Superman begins, that’s a huge statement from Bendix. This suggests that unlike Brainiac or Cyborg-Superman – Clark Kent’s longtime enemies – he was more of an enemy of Jon’s that got Kent Farm wiped off the map. This will likely draw the new Superman’s full attention to this threat, and likely put Lois Lane’s gaze on the nation of Gamorra as well. But even if it just inspires the heroes to hunt down Bendix and try to get revenge for the attack, it is possible that this is indeed the final fate of Kent Farm.

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