Sundown Adventureland to Launch 66 New ‘Luxury’ Lodges on Its Theme Park Site


Sundown Adventureland in Nottinghamshire has announced that it will launch 66 “luxury lodges” at its theme park site.

The Rampton Family Theme Park near Retford has been around for over half a century and now has a new attraction.

In addition to its existing accommodations, the theme park will soon have luxury lodges with hot tubs on-site for families to book overnight stays.

Sundown Adventureland has been granted planning permission for a range of new lodges on the site – allowing more families to spend more time enjoying the park’s rides and other attractions, including its Lollipoppet Castle.

Sundown Adventureland Lollipoppet Castle.

Speaking about the new investment, Sundown Adventureland owner Gaynor Corr said, “We have always been aware of how lucky we are as a family to live here in this beautiful park and in the wider scenic countryside.

“So we decided as a family that we wanted to give our guests the chance to experience a bit of that as well.

“I think it also shows how committed we are to the region.

“The expansion is expected to lead to over 20 new jobs as we seek more staff to help keep the lodges in top condition for each new guest that arrives.”

Sundown Adventureland has announced the opening of 66 luxury lodges on its site
Sundown Adventureland has announced the opening of 66 luxury lodges on its site

Half of the cabins have private hot tubs, giving adults a chance to relax after a day around the theme park

There’s also no need to cook – while each lodge comes with a fully equipped, high-quality kitchenette, residents will also have full access to the indoor playground and Crash Landings restaurant, which offers a Full breakfast menu and a mouthwatering bistro menu in the evening.

The new lodges which will create the additional employment opportunities will be ready in time for the February 2022 semester and are available for a minimum stay of two nights.

Nottinghamshire County Council has given the green light for the 66 lodges – each with a unique themed wall mural inside, and construction is already underway.

The lodges will be available 42 weeks a year, including Christmas.

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