South Texas Miracle Healing Tree


Our Michael Gibson made the pilgrimage to this roadside religious attraction and caught up with other miracle seekers.

CONCEPCION, Texas – It’s not uncommon to still see thousands of people lining up to touch the Miracle Healing Tree in Concepcion. The tree was first planted in a home 20 years ago and over time its supposed healing powers have drawn people from across the country to the site.

A lot has changed as the tree suffered heavy damage from the great Texas freeze in 2021. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the belief that it can still work miracles.

Our Michael Gibson made the pilgrimage to this roadside religious attraction and caught up with other miracle seekers.

He met Ernesto Villalpando, a trucker from the Rio Grande Valley who traveled to Concepcion to visit the tree. The young trucker said he had diabetes. He told us he had heart and vision problems and even had to have his foot amputated.

“I recently heard about the tree, its healing, and saw videos of it with other people passing by and how they were healed. It was just faith that got me there. brought,” Villalpando said.

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The tree is located next to Farm to Market Road 1329. It is an olive tree that was planted in 2002 and has attracted thousands of visitors every year.

“I came here to find that people came here blind who lost their sight,” said tree owner Estella Cantu. “People with diabetes or heart disease, tumors, cancers…and I have proof of healing.”

Cantu took over the Miracle Tree site for her mother after her death in 2017.

We are told that one of the peculiarities of this miracle healing tree is that if you put your ear to the trunk, you can hear something. So, like a good journalist, I put my ear to the tree to listen. I heard what sounded like water pouring out of a cup and possibly my own heartbeat.

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The tree no longer looks the same as it did for the first 19 years of its life. It was heavily damaged during the February 2021 frost. It had to be cut in half. Yet the tree has come back to life and continues to give hope.

Villalpando and his family have now returned to the valley to wait and see if touching the tree will produce the miracle that modern medicine has been unable to achieve.

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