Romeo Doubs is a Must-Add Off the Fantasy Week 4 Waiver Wire as Aaron Rodgers’ Potential WR1


Heading into the season, the Packers’ wide receiver room was a land of opportunity. We watched to see who would understand, because whoever did would likely become a constant target for Aaron Rodgers

. After week 3, Romeo Doubs looks like he can do the job.

Allen Lazard. Christian Watson. Samy Watkins. Randall Cobb. The fantasy community embarked on the quest to predict who would emerge as Aaron Rodgers
‘WR1 in 2022.

Fresh-faced rookies are understandably in vogue largely because they’re unheard of commodities among the pros, with their potential still uncapped. Naturally, Watson, who was drafted two rounds ahead of Doubs, got most of the rookie hype.

But the Doubs immediately stood out enough to be noticed in the world of football. Now I’ll take my two cents for raising the training camp hype, and another for quoting Aaron Rodgers

“Every day there has been at least one ‘wow’ piece [from Doubs]Rodgers said during camp. “And that’s rare for a youngster like that. We’ve had guys over the years who’ve done that, but they’re all top 10 Packers receiving history. Good start for him.

Others at Packers camp gave him props for his route, which is notable as he was considered the part of his game that arguably needed the work the mostfollowed by inconsistent hands and concentration drops, perhaps the two main reasons for his low draft capital.

But with Watkins and Watson continuing to be hampered by injuries, Doubs had the opportunity, and in Week 3 against the Buccaneers, capitalized on that opportunity by catching all eight targets for 73 yards and a score.

This begs the question, did Doubs win Aaron Rodgers
‘ trust?

The the fashionable train is rolling againwith Athleticism Matt Schneidman saying Doubs “showed off his running prowess and speed in the open field”.

Then there’s ESPN’s Rob Demosky, who said the Doubs could win the coveted WR1 job in Green Bay:

“The way Aaron Rodgers
praised him after Sunday’s game, Doubs could be next in line for the role. Although Rodgers still relies on Randall Cobb and Allen Lazard, there’s no denying Doubs can do things others can. His combination of road running and athletic ability — combined with rapidly improving hands — makes him the most likely to burst receiver in this offense. That’s not to say Christian Watson won’t, but the Doubs got off to a much faster start, and there may be no turning back now.

Well, okay then. Is the search over? Is it DoubSZN?

That’s still a small sample size, but obviously an alpha WR in a Rodgers-led offense is going to be in short supply. If it’s available on the Week 4 waiver feed in your redraft leagues (4.6% listed on, 26% Yahoo, 16% ESPN), it’ll probably cost you a pretty penny too. But whenever the most metric-focused analytic fantasy players are 100% honest, they tell you: go get your guys.

Don’t be surprised if you have to lose at least 25% of your FAAB budget over the whole season and don’t regret it if the Bucs game turns out to be a flash in the pan for the Doubs. The advantage you are pursuing is respectable.

For the dynasty, there is not much to say. Those who fished out the Doubs were most likely already on it and waiting for this breakout. Thus, they will not seek to sell high unless the trade offer is ridiculous.

What about the Roto Street Journal staff, do we think he’s a stallion? I mean, he played for the Nevada Wolfpack, so…

But for the real ones, keep an eye out for The Wolf’s Rest of Season Big Board updates to see if Romeo tops. Davante Adams rest of the season. Okay, maybe I wasn’t 100% with that one either, but definitely follow how far his stock goes.

Doubs sits at WR44 on The Wolf Week 4 leaderboard.

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