PNG national budget set for September


PNG candidate for Prime Minister James Marape has said that once his Pangu coalition forms the new government, they will waste no time getting their full cabinet in place as soon as possible.

Pangu’s biggest coalition partner is the United Resource Party, which has 11 members and is led by Hagen Open, re-elected MP William Duma.

Pangu has 17 coalition partners, and all declared independents so far have joined Pangu, bringing the number of Loloata camps to 82.

The number is increasing with Tony Wouwou of the National Alliance for West Sepik Regional said this afternoon, with the National Alliance a coalition partner.

With great confidence in numbers, Marape told Government House yesterday that the new government would announce its full to-do list on September 7 and a supplementary budget would be tabled on September 8.

Marape says that is the advantage of having a government in place, as works have already been started to rebuild the country in the past three years, and they will build on that.

This includes stabilizing and growing the economy, sustainable debt financing and installing key programs in government systems – education, health and law and order, as well as connecting PNG and unbundling full economic potential of the country, especially in rural PNG.

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