People on the ridge react to PG&E possibly causing the Dixie fire


PARADISE, Calif .– People on the ridge explained how they were reacting to the fact that PG&E may have been the cause of another fire on Monday.

Campfire survivor Wendy Monzo remembers the day of the campfire like it was yesterday.

“All I have is this store and the family here,” Monzo said. “I don’t have any friends other than what’s here. I look at my city and it’s a construction zone. Looks like March.

For Monzo, remembering the moment she escaped the campfire is just too much.

“An electric wire fell on my truck,” Monzo said. “I thought I was dying. I really did. I didn’t know what to do with electric walls above me. You don’t know if they’re charged or dead.

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Monzo works at the Skyway Antique Mall in Paradise. She said that when she’s inside the store working with the friends she left here in Heaven, it makes her happy.

“We did it,” Monzo said. “We are alive and I have my family here to support me in the store.”

Monzo said she didn’t want to allow herself to get upset about PG&E potentially starting another fire.

“I have no hatred towards PG&E,” Monzo said. “I don’t even have anger for PG&E. It is a broken system that must be corrected as soon as possible. “

PG&E equipment has been repeatedly linked to major forest fires, including the campfire that killed 84 people.

PG&E had failed to maintain a transmission line that ruptured from a century-old tower, killing 84 people and destroying more than 11,000 homes in the campfire.


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