People flout section 144 in Pune, sneak into tourist spots


Despite the imposition of Section 144 in Pune District, revelers continue to sneak into tourist spots like dams and waterfalls, especially in Maval, which is home to four dams and more than 100 waterfalls. As a result, Maval police sealed off the points leading to the waterfalls.

Police said the restrictions will continue not only on weekends but on weekdays, including Thursdays, which are weekly holidays for industrial units at Maval and Pimpri-Chinchwad.

“We have sealed all the main points leading to the Maval waterfalls. There are over 100 waterfalls and Section 144 has been imposed around waterfalls, dams and other favorite tourist spots, ”Police Additional Superintendent Navneet Kanvat told the Indian Express on Tuesday.

Besides the waterfalls, the dams are also a major attraction for tourists in Maval. Three roadblocks – Bhushi, Valvan and Tata – located within the jurisdiction of the Lonavala Police Station and one – Pavana – within the jurisdiction of the Lonavala Town Police.

Kanvat said that although they have strict measures in place to prevent revelers from flocking to the waterfalls, there are some who sneak into the waterfalls and lakes, especially at night. “Many of them don’t know the topography of the area but still go for a swim or venture into the waterfalls. Without understanding the depth of the water, revelers bathe and lead to drowning incidents. , the waterfall areas are slippery resulting in slips and injuries to party animals. Sometimes the injuries turn out to be fatal, “he said, urging tourists to avoid risking their lives.

Meanwhile, police in Lonavala, a major tourist attraction in Pune and Mumbai, said she was under surveillance throughout the week. “Article 144 will be applicable every day of the week and not just on weekends. Even on Thursday, when tourists flock to Lonavala, we will take action against those heading towards the dams and waterfalls, ”said Dilip Pawar, senior police inspector at Lonavala police station.

Police Inspector TY Mujawar of Lonavala Rural Police said, “We fined over 300 tourists on weekends for breaking standards. Many of them have been found traveling in vehicles flouting passenger capacity standards. “

Mujawar said they erected barricades two to three kilometers before the waterfalls. “Those heading to the places in the vehicles are turned back and not even allowed to get off and those carrying more passengers than allowed are fined. In any vehicle, only 50% of the passengers are allowed, ”he said.

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