New Shrimp Health Alliance Set to Develop Precision Dosing Recommendations for Farmers


The initiative is set to kick off in July 2022 with a two-year Indonesia-based research project with local partner eFishery, the world’s largest aquaculture tech start-up.

Markus Wu, Head of Solvay and Aqua Pharma Indonesia Office within the Aqua Pharma Group, said: “Our priority at Aqua Pharma is to provide disease prevention and control systems to the aquaculture industry with the good -be fish and shrimp in the foreground. We are delighted to have partnered with KYTOS to further develop SEATRU – a tool that will use the power of KYTOS technology to read the aquaculture microbiome of farms, anticipating and reducing disease through personalized and precise dosing of management solutions. environmentally friendly health. .

“Shrimp farmers are currently hampered by a lack of reliable data on water quality and animal health, leading to frequent and unpredictable outbreaks. SEATRU will enable farmers to take a preventative management approach, using the better products like Aqualisan to increase production, sustainability and profitability.

Ruben Props, co-founder and CEO of KYTOS, said, “KYTOS specializes in analyzing data from individual microbial cells and exploiting this big data. create a holistic view of the health status of aquaculture systems. Our expertise in microbial fingerprinting technology aligns perfectly with our shared vision of unlocking sustainable aquaculture through precision agriculture.

“Together, our work on the SEATRU concept is transforming aquaculture by researching and developing cutting-edge technologies in microbial monitoring, animal gut health, disinfectant treatments and artificial intelligence to create stable water conditions and ensure increased performance.

Gibran Huzaifah, CEO of eFishery, said, “Our primary goal is to provide shrimp farmers in Indonesia with the peace of mind and tools to produce stable performance and better harvests all year round. The SEATRU concept brings this stability and growth potential to farmers.

“Disease prevention is the number one challenge facing shrimp aquaculture today. With a disease capable of completely wiping out a pond in five days, the industry is in dire need of effective prevention methods. Innovative new pond reading technologies combined with environmentally friendly products like Aqualisan for shrimp pond management have enormous potential to improve shrimp welfare and industry profitability.


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