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TORONTO, August 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — an innovative new PFP NFT called Launch Dude Space Camp (TDSC) launches in the fall or winter of 2023. 10,000 NFTs will be available. TDSC features next-level art, stunning rarity, and a groundbreaking track record. Click on here to join the waiting list.

Gyro Plasmic (pseudonym), Founder of TDSC said; “Last year I was experimenting with digital art and ended up creating a dude throwing environment in a significant number of different places. I thought about the vastness of it all and I thought we could create 10,000 Throwing Dudes as NFT profile avatars to contribute to this vastness. Later we named these planets. This helped ignite the spark to create Start Dude Space Camp. As the TDSC unfolds, we’ll be sharing digital planet camping and TDSC planet horizon art.”

Planet names with pronunciation

here is the current Start Dude Space Camp planet names: Aieryon 001 (airie-on-zero-zero-one); Bluerick Nine (Blue-rick-Nine); Brara T76 (Brara-T-7-6); Engraving CZ8 (Engraving-CZ-8); Chayntu (chian-two); Cryboltia (cry-bolt-ya); Drystagua (dry-deer-you-has); Darmonica (dar-monica); Diamax 5 (Dia-max-five); Egroth (Ea-groth); Frozzuvious (Froze-zoo-vious); Gnanoworp (g-nano-worp); Gochasand (gotcha-sand); Granvatune (graved air); Grenipee (gren-i-pea); Hailongitha (hail-ongitha); Harshdonus (hard-don-us); Iapeace (ia-peace); Icarro (i-car-ro); Ignitania (ig-nee-tan-ya); Jafire VW5 (Ja-fire VW-5); Kapkhar (Kap-car); Kutteir (Kut-yeah); Larth 7N6 (Larth 7-N-6); Limetro (Lime-tro); Loyatress (Loya-trix); Lulmagia (Lul-majia); Metahive 2 (metahive-2); Moondratis (moon-dratis); Nagwove (Nag-wove); Ogritter (O-gritter); Onguttia (On-gut-te-a); Oozuma (oo-zoom); Petustar (pet-u-star); Quayzarc (quay-zark); Sailitte V7Z (veil-itte-V-7-Z); Seatania (Sea-tanya); Seron 33 (Mister on thirty-three); Shocluk QX9 (shock-chance-QX-9); Snotanya (snow-tan-ya); Spark Q35 (spark-Q-3-5); Spikerila (epi-rilla); Thronerya (Throne-ree-ya); Tronaboo (Tron-a-boo); Tworia (twar-ee-a); Undemia (un-dem-ee-a); Vinroma (wine-roma); Vozorth (vo-zarth); Vaxle (vaxella); Wandiloud (wandee-strong); Xenumia (X-enoom-ee-a); Xevaclite (X-eva-clite); Xowhale (Xoo-whale); Yopraux (Yo-pro); Zalarruta (zal-are-ruta); Zeromp WX (zer-omp WX); and Zapwa (zap-wa)

Long-term orientation towards the roadmap

We are here for the long haul and as TDCS receives resources through revenue, we plan to introduce many benefits for Throwing Dude Space Camp membership, which can potentially include: our full reveal of planet art, exclusive member merchandise, a festival of space camping under our northern lights, the release of the space camp song anthem and more.

guys are coming soon

Click on here to join the Throwing Dude’s waiting list.

The Throwing Dude Space Camp (TDSC) is owned and operated by QaQaQ Inc.

Contact beautiful starry at 650-308-4349 or [email protected]

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