I’m a Celebrity 2021: First Look at Gwrych Castle’s Toughest Camp


This year I’m a celebrity … Get Me Out of Here promises to be the “most grueling” yet in a trailer recently released on ITV.

Pictures have been released to support this, as the camp this year will feature a new prison cell, a claustrophobic courtyard and icy ground to sleep on, reports The mirror.

On the very first try, the celebrities will have to compete in two groups to decide who will get the most luxurious main camp and who will begin their journey to hell.

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The main camp will feature hammocks and warm living space, as well as hot water for washing from a new shower system.

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Much like in the Australian original series I’m A Celeb, the camp will be divided to “fight” against each other to make sure they don’t end up in the dreaded Clink.

After the first try, five celebrities will have to stay in the Clink, which is now in a smaller, more confined space, making them even more difficult than usual.

Here they will be forced to sleep on the cold hard ground and try to enjoy each other’s company in a claustrophobic and cramped yard.

The nightmarish setting will also have a primitive shower completely in the dark and a smaller toilet and is not heated.

Olly Nash, executive producer, told the Mirror: “They’re going to be on top of each other.”

The Clink’s The Privy in those years I’m a celebrity

The Clink in those years I'm a celebrity
The Clink in those years I’m a celebrity

Main camp

The main area of ​​the camp actually has beds, unlike The Clink. But, the beds are scattered inside the castle ruins in a room that has no heating, broken windows, and moss and ivy growing on the stone walls.

For the main living room, the main camp has a campfire, where campmates can cook their food and try to warm up.

Their evening meal will be delivered by a silent waiter instead of being dropped off from the treetops and they will be forced to wait until midnight for the evening meal.

A creaking staircase takes campmates to the new jungle shower – now a watering can over a rusty tub.

In order to enjoy a lukewarm wash, the other campmates must pump out the water and stoke the fire.

Ye Olde Shoppe and Moody Kiosk Cledwyn will return once again in this year’s series, for stars to win luxuries or treats.

The main camp will have beds and warmth
The main camp will have beds and warmth

Campmates can gather around the campfire to cook
Campmates can gather around the campfire to cook


Teasing what fans can expect ahead of the new series, executive producer Olly insisted the series would be “a lot harder” with even more testing.

He said: “This year we started early to make things a lot harder. They last longer (show time), the trials are bigger. The trials were limited last year and this time they are much closer to the Australian series in terms of scale.

“Absolutely, they’re harder and bigger and there’s more testing in the series than ever before and more experimenters involved in terms of celebrity. It was the learning of having a series here.

“We have 24 tries this year, I think normally it’s closer to 20 in a full series, it’s the most ever and absolutely the most celebs participating.”

There will be 24 events this year
There will be 24 events this year

The show will be "much harder" with even more tries
The show will be “much harder” with even more Trials

Some of the trials will also take place off-site, unlike last year.

The very first test, Turrets of Terror, will feature two specially designed castle turrets in the castle grounds.

The result will see the camp split in half, with one group heading towards The Clink and the other half heading towards the main camp.

* I’m A Celebrity returns Sunday at 9 p.m. on ITV

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