Illegal camping in Herefordshire has people worried about children


Illegal camping has residents of a Herefordshire town worried as council scrambles to relocate the homeless.

Kevin Murphy, from Ross-on-Wye, said the camp was in a large housing estate in the town.

He claims the area is littered with rubbish and has been used as an open toilet, posing health risks to people using the open space.

“Children use this area to play,” he said.

He said Herefordshire Council had failed to act and in the meantime people living nearby were increasingly concerned about the build-up of rubbish and the health risks the site posed.


A spokesperson for Herefordshire Council said it was aware of an unauthorized encampment at Ross-on-Wye and was working closely with occupants and partner agencies, including those able to help to provide housing for the homeless.

“Unfortunately, the occupants declined all offers of housing assistance, which left the town hall no alternative but to take steps to obtain an eviction order to evict them from this land.

“In the meantime, the council has kept the area as clean and tidy as possible, keeping the local community informed through the local ward member.”


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