Fire fuel reduction projects continue around Paradise | Local


Dry Creek Canyon Fire Reduction Project

Work is underway throughout Paradise and Magalia to help reduce combustibles. The latest project is the Dry Creek project and it has entered the next stage of fuel reduction.

The project is funded by grants and is made up of a homeowners collective and the Butte County Fire Safe Council. PG&E has done some tree removal work around its power lines, but most of the work is being done with help from the Fire Safe Council to clean things up.

Calli-Jane West, executive director of the Butte County Fire Safe Council, said: ‘After the Camp Fire we had a huge amount of dead trees in this area which would cause a safety hazard over the course of the day. time because we just can’t get through the landscape and so in this situation we were able last spring to come and remove these dead trees, burn them in some cases, chip them in other cases, and now we’ll be back with the grazing treatment so owners can continue to care for their property and continue to drive through it and see what the next needs are in the future.

Rose Turner, owner along Dry Creek, hopes the project will bring an element of beautification to the area and more safety for homeowners in the event of a fire.

The Dry Creek area has been identified by Cal Fire and the City of Paradise as a high fire hazard. In 2005, the canyon received its first fuel reduction grant. This project cleared the forest, but after some growth and the campfire there was still work to be done, leading to the most recent project.

Day to day upkeep of the grounds will be the responsibility of the owners but the fire safety board will help with fuel management approximately every 2 years depending on how fast the fuels develop given direct sunlight and depending on the funding available.

The next step will be to introduce goats and sheep to the area for further fuel reduction work.


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