Crystal Locations and Farming Guide


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In this guide we will tell you where to find crystal in Conan Exiles and why you need this resource. All locations, now.

What is it about? In Conan Exiles you need crystal to build the thaumaturgy table to cast spells or to craft dragon powder and various other recipes. But where to find this seemingly precious raw material? We’ll show you the best way to grow crystals.

Here you can find crystal in Conan Exiles 3.0

You can get crystals in different ways. At first, it is recommended to avoid clashes with monsters or dangerous camps. Hanuman’s Cave is the best place for this – marked on the map below. You’ll only encounter a few imps this far south, which don’t do much damage. These small enemies are relatively easy to defeat with early weapons. Enter the cave, it is full of crystals that you can easily recover.

Personal advice: Use our Conan Exiles interactive map with all the important resources and locations.

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On the map you can see the exact location of Hanuman’s Cave.

Barbarian camps: where to find them during the game

It’s also possible that you’ll discover crystal in inventories or crates at various Barbarian camps. However, to take out a camp, you need better gear than a Dull Stone Sword.

As already mentioned at the beginning: The production of glass and dragon powder. You can also produce radium gems – they will then be used for two different torches. Last but not least – salt production. It is (…who would have guessed!) an ingredient for many tasty dishes in the world of the barbarians. Building a card room later in the game also requires 50 crystals, a small amount of shimmering raw material.

Overall, the crystal is relatively easy to find – we hope our guide has helped you in your search.

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find there in the barbarian world. Still, we hope our guide has helped you find them even faster!


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