City center set for new £1m attraction on site of former car park


Plans for a new £1million attraction in a Merseyside town center have been approved.

St Helens Borough Council has announced that the land formerly occupied by the Chalon Way multi-storey car park will soon host a new range of attractions.

These will include an outdoor cinema, street food and fine dining experiences, bars and an outdoor terrace as well as artisan workshops and shops.

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The aim of the scheme is to boost the visitor profile of St Helens and attract residents and visitors to St Helens town center before this area is developed as part of town center regeneration plans of £200 million recently announced by the council and the English Cities Fund.

In addition to a great new site, the project will also provide socio-economic benefits, including more than 100 full-time jobs, while creating opportunities for young people.

St Helens town center set for new £1m attraction

Councilor Richard McCauley, St Helens Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Planning, said: ‘This partnership with Steel Life Group Ltd. ticks all the right boxes for us and will bring an urban lifestyle feel to downtown St Helens when operational. .

“The site has been put to good use over the Christmas period, attracting families from across the borough to enjoy a festive entertainment program, from a drive-in theater to a synthetic ice rink – so we want to keep that momentum going and feeling -a good atmosphere in the city center which this project will achieve as we seek to attract more families to St Helens and continue to offer more and better than ever, and that is a sign of brighter things to come.

Chris Lewis, Managing Director of Steel Life Group, said: “We at Steel Life Group are delighted to have been appointed to provide this incredible ‘in the meantime’ use for Chalon Way and St Helens.

“The success and vibrancy will enhance the town center and create active use of space to complement the adjacent World of Glass site. We look forward to working with the council to deliver this site with the first units on site at the summer 2022.”

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