Cheshire Herald welcomes new editor


The Cheshire Herald welcomed a new member to its team.

Last week, Peter Prohaska took over as the newspaper’s new generalist journalist. Prohaska, who moved to Cheshire with his wife Stephanie in 2021, will cover all aspects of Cheshire life, from budget debates to events at local schools.

“We are delighted to welcome Peter to the herald family,” said editor John Rook. “He comes to us with a wealth of experience in a variety of different fields, but what stands out most about Peter is his love for storytelling and his clear desire to immerse himself deeply in the community. “

“Our publication has been proud to bring quality local journalism to Cheshire for over six decades,” continued Rook, “and we believe Peter will be an integral part of continuing to do so in the future.

A native of Duluth, Minnesota, Prohaska attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in French and Comparative Literature in 1998. He also earned a Juris Doctor degree from the UW School of Law.

Prohaska began his professional career as a contract attorney, working for law firms in New York. However, after a few years, he decided to make a change.

“My legal career always got off to a bad start,” Prohaska explained. “Bush v. Gore was decided in my first semester and 9/11 happened in my second year. Both events shook the foundations of our American legal system and the repercussions still resonate. After several years in corporate law at New York, there were few opportunities for advancement and the long hours in front of a computer were detrimental to my health. My passion has always been to tell stories, from the first inventions like telling my mother in kindergarten that the boiler at school blew up so they sent us home early, to impromptu sons at summer camp, to finally publish three novels in 2020.”

Prohaska’s career in journalism began in 2005, focusing on professional hockey prospects and their journey to the NHL as editor and contributor for Hockey’s Future Magazine.

In 2016, Prohaska started as a contributor for Financial Advisor IQ, covering seminars and highlighting the experiences of wealth management professionals.

“Although I did journalism in high school (weekly newscast), it wasn’t until I started writing for Hockey’s Future that I realized journalism could be a great way to connect with readers. , to learn about various topics and spark conversations,” he explained. “My interest in the law has by no means entirely faded, but I am happy to use my strengths as a writer to inform, analyze and hopefully edify on behalf of the public, rather than a remote client company.”

After moving to Cheshire over a year ago, Prohaska and his wife have become active in the community. By joining the heraldit hopes to give readers insight into what is happening in all corners of Cheshire life.

“Local newspapers provide each person in a community with a crucial way to engage with the government, be better informed about current fiscal and political issues, and allow us to exercise our rights based on facts and information,” he said. . “I am very happy to be part of The Cheshire Herald and Register-Journal group and proud of its dedication to taking a close look at the issues that matter to our city.

the herald has been the Cheshire hometown newspaper since 1953. In 2019 it was purchased by RJ Media Group, which owns and operates the Register-Journala family newspaper in operation for over 150 years.


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