Campfire ban at Canyon County’s Celebration Park begins July 26


The Canyon County Department of Parks, Cultural and Natural Resources announced that a campfire ban at celebration park will start today.

As of July 26, all campfire pits in the park will be closed. Campfires outside the pits, including portable campfire pits, are also prohibited. However, this does not include propane camping stoves. Propane stoves are permitted for park use.

Located in Melba along the Snake River, Celebration Park is a recreational site offering educational activities, camping, fishing, and boating access.

Laura Barbour, assistant manager of Canyon County Parks, said the park receives about 100,000 visitors each year. During the summer months, the campground is usually full and accommodates up to 40 people per day.

With hot, dry weather, campfires are putting Idaho’s parks and lands at risk.

In 2015, Barbour said there was a fire near the Celebration Park property, burning along the Snake River Canyon reaching the park’s historic railroad bridge.

The fire danger level at Celebration Park remains very high to extreme. The Canyon County Parks Department is monitoring the fire danger at Idaho Fire Information Website. The website offers data on active fires and wildfire danger in the various Idaho Bureau of Land Management districts.

What can Idahoans do to prevent a fire while camping? Barbour said campers should remove fuel from the area where they want to have a campfire and ensure they completely extinguish a campfire before leaving a site.

“We really are a desert, and it’s heavily overgrown with cheat grass and other invasive species that are really flammable,” she said. “I encourage people to do their research before going out to camp to make sure they know if fires are allowed in specific areas.”


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