1 teenager hospitalized following carbon monoxide incident at Great Neck camp


Officials say a teenager has been hospitalized following an incident of carbon monoxide poisoning at a religious camp in Great Neck.

Officials said the incident happened at Chabad of Great Neck located at 440 East Shore Road early Tuesday.

Officials say when they arrived at the scene, there were high carbon monoxide readings. All occupants were taken outside and assessed.

Officials said 12 girls were treated at the scene and a 17-year-old girl was taken to North Shore University Hospital for treatment. The others were returned to their parents or guardians. All of the women were overwhelmed, suffering from headaches and nausea, officials said.

The supervising adults did not require medical attention, according to the fire marshal.

The source turned out to be a faulty heating system.

Nassau County Fire Chief Michael Uttaro says there weren’t enough carbon monoxide detectors or smoke detectors. He says there were also several violations related to extension cords, fire extinguishers and exit violations at the facility.

Broken windows and debris could be seen strewn across the property.

Luckily the fire marshal says there was a working carbon monoxide detector.

“I think the difference between having serious injuries was that a detector went off at 5:30 a.m. when many were sleeping and just starting their day,” Uttaro said.

Great Neck residents say the building is used for many different Chabad functions.

“It’s been here for over 100 years and used for all sorts of purposes, and we have dinner here, and every morning we have a prayer session with 10 or more men,” says Ron Georgalis.

News 12 learns the girls have been in the building for several weeks. It is unclear if there were Nassau County permits for the girls to stay overnight at Chabad or if they were local or from out of state.


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